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Lumber order for the Nexus 21' Planing Dory

The lumber in the table below is what we order when we build one of these boats professionally. Lumber quality is very important to us when we are building a wooden boat for someone. It may not be as important to you as cost, when you are building the boat for yourself.

Notes on lumber called for in the following table:

  • Items marked with an asterisk (*) are needed only for boats which will have a cabin, assuming that an open boat will be built with a motorwell, and a cabin boat with a splashwell, as shown in the drawings on the 21' Dory home page.
  • Fir means some easily glued, moderately durable softwood like heartwood Douglas fir. You can substitute mahogany.
  • Honduras or Philippine mahogany means some easily glued, fine grained, moderately durable hardwood. Do not substitute oak where Honduras is called for. You can substitute fir.
  • Teak means some hardwood which will take and hold a clear finish, if desired. If a painted finish is desired on the trim, any moderately durable wood will do.
  • Oak means whatever sort of oak your budget will allow. Red or gray are OK, white is better. You can also use Angelique where oak is called for.
  • If you are using softwood lumber for the frames, then vertical grain lumber is by far the best. If you will use Honduras or African mahogany for frames, then grain orientation is not as important.
  • You can use fir marine plywood instead of the hardwood plywood called for in the table.
  • 1/4" = 6mm. 3/8" = 9mm or 10mm. 1/2" = 12mm

  • 8/4 means 2" rough lumber
    4/4 means 1" rough lumber
    "R" means random lengths

  • V.G. means vertical grain (having a ring orientation perpendicular to the surface of the board).
  Topsides Okoume 3/8" 6
  Bottom Sapele 1/2" 2
  Transom Okoume 1/2" 1
* Main cabin bulkhead Sapele 1/2" 1
  Motorwell for open boat Sapele 1/2" 1
* Splashwell Okoume 3/8" 1
* Deck Okoume 3/8" Topside offcuts
* Cabin top Okoume 1/4" 1
* Cabin sides Sapele  3/8" 1
* Berth flat Okoume 1/2" 1
* Ceiling in cabin Sapele 3/8" Offcuts
  Total     14 sheets


  Stem & forefoot Honduras Mahogany 8/4 X R X R 1 pc.
* Transom center for splashwell Honduras Mahogany 6/4 X R X 10+ 1 pc.
* Deck shelf Philippine Mahogany 4/4 X 12 X 12 1 pc.
  Chine guards Philippine Mahogany 4/4 X 6 X R 15
  Skeg Oak 8/4 X R X 16 1 pc.
  Spray rails  Oak 8/4 X 4 X 20 1 pc.
* Seat risers in cabin boats Oak 4/4 X 4 X 12 1 pc.
  Seat risers in open boats Oak 4/4 X 4 X 14 1 pc.
  Bottom skids Oak 6/4 X R X 12 1 pc.
* Windscreen Teak 6/4 X 8" x 12 1 pc.
  Guards and inwale Teak 4/4 X 6" X R 25
  Transom cap for motorwell boats Teak 4/4 X 8 X 6 1 pc.
  Chines CVG KD Fir 2 X 6 X R 26
  Frames, etc. CVG KD Fir 2 X 8 X long  60
  Floorboard supports CVG KD Fir 2 X 6 X R 30
* Cabin beams CVG KD Fir 2 X 6 X R 13
* Cabin sills CVG KD Fir 2 X 6 X R 6
* Floorboards for cabin boat CVG KD Fir 1 X 4 X 10 17 pcs.
  Floorboards for open boat CVG KD Fir 1 X 4 X 10 21 pcs.



For brochures on semi-custom wood boats or further information on our custom wooden boat building and design services, please email us by clicking on the E-MAIL icon below, or inquire by mail to:

Nexus Marine Corporation   Phone 425-252-8330
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We are located on the Snohomish River in the Pacific Northwest, about 20 miles north of Seattle.
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