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21' Nexus Dory Construction
Custom wood boat building

Photos of building a 21' Nexus Dory

Here are a set of 21' dory frames, including the transom frame, ready to set up. These frames are for an open dory. The bulkhead for the bow compartment has been built into its aft frame. We chose to put an epoxy undercoat on these frames before setting them up, as the interior was to be painted. Much easier this way.

Here we have a set of frames for a cabin dory, with jigging legs attached and all set up on the ladder frame. We've built the cabin bulkhead frame on top of its bulkhead. Notice that the cabin bulkhead has been notched at the sheer for the deck shelf, which will go into the setup after the stem has been installed. Also, notice that the cabin bulkhead has been cut off short to put the boat at a better working height. We'll add the rest of the bulkhead when the boat is right side up. The first couple of frames have been braced up plumb with small battens.

Same boat seen from the stern. The transom frame has been set up without the transom plywood. This will make it easier to install the chines and seat risers. We'll install the transom plywood just before we plank the topsides. Guess it's obvious that this will be a splashwell boat, not a motorwell boat. If you look closely, you can see that the chine gussets have been allowed to run wild on the topsides. We'll trim them back even with the frames during the frame fairing process.

Well, look at that. No sooner said than done. The chines are installed and the topsides planked. In the close foreground we see one of the cleats for the splashwell sides.

Now we've got the boat all planked and covered with glass and epoxy. We installed the spray rail, chine guards, skeg, and bottom skids. Then we painted the hull with Awlgrip and added an Awlgrip boot top. This boat will be dry sailed, or kept out of the water when not in use, so it's OK to use Awlgrip on the bottom instead of antifouling. That white strip along the sheer will be covered by the sheer guard.

The boat was rolled over about two minutes ago. You can see the splashwell bulkheads with hole for the cabling. The seat riser and deck shelf were also installed before planking.

David is fairing the cabin beams on a different 21' Nexus Dory, in a different part of the shop, while the client's little girl frolics in the shavings. That girl is out of college now, and the boat is still in great shape. A fancy plane lies artistically in the shavings on the foredeck.

Hey, we're getting close. When we get that windscreen glass installed, we'll be ready to finish painting. Those things on the rail are mounting pads for downriggers. If you salmon fish, you know what those are. Another Nexus Dory sits behind this one, probably in for paint touchups.



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We are located on the Snohomish River in the Pacific Northwest, about 20 miles north of Seattle.
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