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Custom cold-molded wooden boat building
The 20' Coho

Photos of the 20' Coho under construction

This is the beginning: the loft. David is drawing the sheer line in the body plan. Now we do this on the computer. The local blueprint shop makes full-size Mylar patterns for us, saving both time and knees. All the plywood for the boat is leaning against the wall on the left. The boat will be built where the loft is in this photo. The wooden legs visible just beyond David are part of the device we will use to roll the boat over.

We epoxy all the plywood before we use it. We have scarfed the 4X8 sheets of imported hardwood marine plywood into full-length sheets for the hull and are applying 3 coats of epoxy to their interior faces.

Now we've made the frames, laminated the stem, teaked the self-bailing cockpit sole, and set it all up on the building jig. Then we installed the chines, sheer clamp, and stringers and faired everything. Now we've cleaned up all the shavings and are starting to plank the topsides. The worker is cutting out the topsides from the long scarfed and epoxied panels.

We've planked the topsides and the first layer of the cold-molded bottom. Then we glassed over that first bottom layer. Here we are vacuum bagging the second layer of bottom planking onto the first. Next we will fair all this up, and glass and finish the hull.

The hull is finished. We've undercoated and put antifouling paint on the bottom. The boat is ready to roll over.

This photo was snapped immediately after rollover. You can see the nice bilge below the self-bailing sole. The bottom is heavily framed and stringered to resist slamming loads. The topsides have no real frames which pierce the self-bailing sole. This makes the cockpit clean and easy to hose out. The long opening down the center of the cockpit will be divided into separate hatch openings and provided with 3 flush hatches. The plywood which surrounds the opening will become the bottom of large channels which drain through the transom scuppers.

The boat is decked, cabin sides and coamings are up, the cabin top beams are installed and are being faired. The boat is sitting on a car on our marine ways. We'll launch it into the Snohomish River when it's done.

Here's a look at the forward end of the berth area. We are sanding it out preparatory to applying the final finish. Compare this photo to the photo of the finished interior on the Interior Photos page. This is a very strong, yet light hull. The bits and pieces of the interior are being finished somewhere else. All those bits and pieces of the interior can be removed, all the way down to the hull. The owner can strip it all out and hose it out every once and a while. Doesn't hurt.



For brochures on semi-custom wood boats or further information on our custom wooden boat building and design services, please email us by clicking on the E-MAIL icon below, or inquire by mail to:

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We are located on the Snohomish River in the Pacific Northwest, about 20 miles north of Seattle.
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