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23' Wooden Shoe
Powered radio controlled model powerboat

This is a 1/5 scale (56.75") model.

Malcolm Roberts of Melbourne, Australia has built a powered, radio controlled model of our 23' Wooden Shoe design. We thought we'd show you some photos of his project, so you could better see what a Wooden Shoe looks like "in the wood" as it were.

Here you see the boat "in frame." Since this is a model he had some latitude with the structural components and chose not to build it structurally the same as the full size boat. This is also what we did with our Odyssey model. The frames that you see here are not the same size, construction, or frequency as in the full size boat. This shot, however, gives you a good idea of the shape and how it changes along the length of the boat.

You may notice that the boat has a pronounced external keel or skeg. The real boat has a much smaller skeg, but the model builder will use inboard electric power because scale I/O units are not available. So he gave the boat an inboard type of skeg.

Here he's gotten the model planked, glassed, and rolled over. This also gives you a good idea of the boat's shape. Note the slight hollow in some of the bottom frames. You'll see how that works in the photos of the boat running.

Same thing, same day, from the outside.

Here she is in the water, floating a little high. Superstructure, batteries, etc., will bring her down to her lines.

Here she is with cabin added and running nicely. Notice how the stern wave curls beside the boat. Also, Malcolm chose not to install the spray rail/chine guard shown in the plans. It looks like the boat might not need one as she's such a dry hull.

Same view, starting a turn to starboard.

Now trimmed out, she's painted with the final colors. Remember that this model is an inboard, though the real boat will take an I/O or outboard.

Wandering though the rushes, the model shows a perfect bow wave.

This view highlights the shapely hull and how the bottom blends into the topsides in the bow. You can see he has the glass in the windscreen now.

On a slow plane. Little fuss in the wake.

Turning slightly to starboard. It's interesting to see how much bow there is, ready to meet the odd nasty wave. Strange not to see anyone at the helm, isn't it? Standing, your eye would look over the top of the windscreen and have a nice down angle over the bow and cabin. Visibility is also good seated.

Now the chairs are installed. These are models of the Pompanette P2000 ladder back chairs.

Looking down into the cockpit. Is this cool or what?

Isn't the detail amazing? What fun! This model behaves just like the full-size boat will. The water looks a little different, but is otherwise accurate. That's why tank testing works so well for predicting the behavior of the full-size vessel. This model, being almost 5' long, gives an excellent simulation.

For you model builders out there here's some tech specs:
Shaft rpm (bench): 8300
Amps (24v, running): 9
Prop dia: 70mm
Since there are scale effects, these specs are not a 1:5 scaling from the full-size.



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